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Just wanted to post a few images of some of the custom jewelry I’ve been making. I’ve been super inspired by the gorgeous San Francisco scenery–lush forests of redwoods and wildflowers, miles upon miles of endless coastline, rolling fogs and breathtaking, vermillion sunsets. I’m also inspired by the spirit of San Francisco and its residents. I love the mix-bag of fashion and culture I’m experiencing and I especially love the spirituality that so many here share. I’m enjoying learning about alternative medicine and energy healing, and who better to embody these principles than Emily and Eva? Two completely different auras and personalities, I was so inspired by my New York visit that my commissions for them took on a life of their own.

For Eva, we wanted something earthy and bright. Something beautiful and soothing. Eva mentioned that she wanted something to counteract her hectic surroundings and lifestyle, so we first started with a blue kyanite stone. The setting on the stone felt wrong, so I replaced it with a citrine. After setting it, I knew we had made the right choice. Citrines are manifestation stones, one of only two crystals that never need to be cleansed. They deflect negative energy and promote emotional and psychic well-being. Plus, they’re a really gorgeous golden color and this particular stone had beautiful flecks of red. I made a sterling silver band and prong setting, keeping a matte finish on the piece and shot the ring on Eva’s tarot card, The Moon.

photo 1Raw citrine set in sterling silver

photo 2

Emy’s pieces are completely different than Eva’s. I wanted to do a set of stacking rings after she admired my set at dinner, so I made two hammered rings, one in silver and the other in brushed brass. I also made her a stamped midi ring with a portmanteau of her name and her boyfriend’s name, Tomily. Just something fun and on trend for a fun and stylish lady!

photo 3

photo (6)

I’ll be posting more photos as my Mornings of Gold website is being set up, but after that, please visit me there!


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