Marian Gloria started her fashion career by dressing one of the most iconic women in the world: Barbie. She was only 4 at the time and even then, she was fashioning dresses out of tissue, toilet paper, and scraps of any paper she could get her hands on. Like any stylist trying to please a high-profile client, she may have bent the rules and “borrowed” some diamonds from her mother’s jewelry box without permission, only to have her client claim to lose them. It happens to the best of us.

Marian has enjoyed a career as a fashion journalist, editor, buyer, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper with over 15 years of fashion experience under her belt. She has worked with the Los Angeles Times, various Voice publications, and Modern Luxury Publishing. She’s redone countless numbers of closets, styled celebrities, and helped dress numerous women for their fabulous lives. She currently lives in New York City advising other women to dress colorfully, all the while wearing mostly black.